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White Port Cocktail
Dow white port served on the rocks with a splash of tonic and a squeeze of lime $7.

A blend of Bordeaux wines, herbs and spices. Served over ice with an orange twist. $6.

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
Hints of clove & pie spice with a slight bitterness. Delicious, lingering flavor. Served on the rocks with orange zest $7.

Homemade Limoncello
A traditional Italian lemon-flavored liqueur. Pungent, sweet and fragrant. Served ice cold $7.

Pineau des Charentes
Rich, slightly fruity and sweet. Made from white grapes blended with Cognac. Served chilled $8.

Pedro Romero Amontillado Sherry
Dry sherry with a pleasant, nutty richness. Served chilled $7.

Rare Wine Co Madiera Sercial
Crisp and nutty with a slight sweetness and tang of acidity $10.

Our Favorite Cocktails

Earl Grey Martini
Earl Grey-infused vodka with a touch of sweetness. Served up with an orange twist $9.25

Rosemary Lemon Crush
Fresh sweetened lemon juice shaken with vodka served on the rocks with a rosemary sugared rim $8.

Chartreuse, gin & fresh lime served up & chilled with a splash of cointreau $9.50

Holly’s Pear
Cleer Creek pear brandy, lillet blanc & lemon. Shaken & served up with a splash of bubbles $9.50

The Lux
Aviation gin, Luxardo liquor, Carpano sweet vermouth & a dash of bitters. Served up & chilled $9.50

Ginger Snap
Ginger-infused bourbon shaken with dubonnet & a splash of Peychaud bitters $9.

Old Fashioned
Rye whiskey muddled with oranges, raw sugar, brandied cherries & bitters. Served on the rocks. $8.25

Agua de Valencia
Blood orange juice with champagne & a splash of orange brandy. Served on the rocks or up $8.

Crater Bleu Martini
Oregon’s Crater Lake vodka, served up and chilled with Gorgonzola-stuffed olives $9.50

Red wine, orange brandy & Cassis marinated with tropical fruit. Served on the rocks. $6.

Bottled Beers

Black Butte Porter, Stella Artois, Alaskan Amber, Long Hammer IPA, Hoegaarden $4.